Goat cheese adds a distinctive flavour and texture that makes every meal special. Mix with pasta or toss it in with your favourite salad mix. Satisfy a sweet tooth with desserts infused with goat cheese. Whether entertaining or just indulging, whatever your taste, whatever your style, we’ve got it good!

  • Soft, unripened goat cheese has a light tang and a mild tartness that is pleasingly provocative, and is followed by a smooth finish with a moist and fresh curd texture similar to a rich cheesecake. Enjoy it in its natural state or mixed with a variety of savoury herbs, honey, or berries. Pair it with a glass of Albarino or Beaujolais Nouveau to match the cheese’s fresh tang.
  • Soft, surface ripened goat cheese is creamy and rich with a velvety texture that is perfect for spreading. Mildly aromatic and redolent of nuts, the taste is more complex than an unripened goat cheese and lingers with a floral, earthy finish. The exterior rind is edible for a textural treat. Varieties include Brie, Triple Crème Brie, and Tre Fratello. Pair it with a glass of Riesling as a companion to its luscious texture and ambrosial finish.
  • Firm goat cheese boasts a gentle aroma with a bit of tang, while the buttery consistency and firm texture has a sweet and delicate flavour. The rich feel on the palate owes to its creamy and nuanced nutty centre paired with a mild and pleasing smoky saltiness. Enjoy firm goat cheese with a glass of Chardonnay to complement its cordial flavour.
  • Hard goat cheese is a subtle introduction to the delectable world of goat cheese and includes favourites such as Mozzarella and Cheddar. The familiar flavours and smooth texture create the perfect cheese for shredding and melting.
  • Goat feta is a necessary complement to any dish or salad and pleasantly piques the taste-buds with a tangy, sharp, robust and fresh taste. Satisfyingly salty and assertive with a firm texture, goat feta crumbles with ease and enriches any meal.