About Us

We are your local Ontario dairy goat farmers and processors and We’ve got it good! Our passion for our products is equaled only by our commitment to innovation, excellence and great taste.

We have a history built upon a shared vision, working together to make Ontario produced varieties of goat cheese the gold standard. To this end, our dairy goat farmers and processors follow stringent food safety standards and practice quality control to ensure a superior goat dairy product.

Beginning as “The Ontario Dairy Goat Society” in 1951, our continued expansion led us to adopt the name “Ontario Goat Breeder’s Association” in 1986 as a reflection of our dedication to include, develop, and improve every facet of our industry. Our incorporation under the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act in 1989 is the result of a joint effort between local farmers and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. In 2010, another evolution in the Ontario goat sector came to fruition as the organization became known as “Ontario Goat” and adopted an expanded mandate for goat milk, meat and fibre products. Ontario Goat proudly represents Ontario goat farmers on many issues from the farm to your fork!

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